Soul of the South Network (SSN) is not currently accepting submissions, and individuals wishing to submit ideas for programming must first sign a release form before we may consider their submission. To manage the large influx of submissions and comply with our legal obligations, we follow strict guidelines, as provided below:

To pitch a show:

  1. Send a ONE PAGE letter of inquiry with contact information and area of interest to the address below. If you are an individual producer, include a copy of your personal credits. If you are a production company, include a copy of your company credits and a resume or bio of your company principals. LINKS to reels are also acceptable. Please DO NOT include any show ideas as we are legally unable to review the ideas and will have to return all materials unread. Any show pitches at this level will be unread and discarded.
  2. Once we begin active development and are interested, then WE WILL CONTACT YOU for further information. If we are interested then we will send you our standard pitch release. In order to pitch to Soul of the South you will be required to sign a legal agreement/release to protect the rights of both parties. This submission release form, provided by SSN, must be signed prior to the sharing of ideas.
  3. After the submission release form is signed and returned, then SSN will accept pitch materials for proposed programs. Submitted materials will not be returned.


Inquiries should be sent to:
Project Submissions