Designer Alton Osborn – New Orleans, LA

For twenty years, New Orleans native, Alton Osborn, has been showing off his original creations to Jazz Festers.His line of New Orleans themed guayaberas, dress shirts, linen dresses, and silk screened bags are all handmade at his studio at the Colton School on St. Claude. Alton’s studio has been very busy leading up to the Jazz Fest. While managing a small local crew of seamstresses, Alton takes time out of his busy workshop to talk to customers including the who’s who of local musicians like The Neville Brothers, Terrence Blanchard, Hot 8 Brass Band, and Dr. John. When you see his clothes, you’ll understand how appropriately named “Second Line Clothing” has become. Meticulously constructed clothing with original silkscreens are printed on amazing all natural fabrics that are perfect for looking sharp and staying cool.

Alton’s collaboration with designer and New Orleans native, Racquel Honore, has produced an amazing line of unisex tote bags and backpacks. The well-named, “Sustain” line is produced using certified organic fabrics and non-toxic, water-based inks. Printed with original designs depicting such historic New Orleans traditions as Congo Square, an original meeting place for free-blacks and slaves in the 1800s which provided an important historical opportunity for the exchange of ideas, voodoo, goods, and music. “Sustain” also uses imagery from the Congo Square Bone Gang, an obscure tradition where gangs of people wake up in the early morning to be the first, dressed in costumes like skeletons, to ring in Mardi Gras Day.

Alton’s creations truly represent his creole culture and bring pride to New Orleans. Whether you are visiting New Orleans and wanting to keep cool or an Acura Stage performer wanting to make a great impression, Second Line Clothing is where it’s at.